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Shared Bundler Mempool now live

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Decentralized & Censorship Resistant AAโ€‹

One year ago marked a significant milestone with the launch of the first production-ready ERC-4337 entrypoint contract, with the premise of decentralized Account Abstraction using an alternative mempool. The limitations and vulnerabilities of centralized server approaches for smart accounts highlighted the importance of building decentralized and censorship-resistant solutions. ERC-4337 offers a permissionless bundler network to deliver UserOperations without even changing or censoring them. Bundlers are incentivized to participate in the service. They are also protected against grieving attacks thanks to the Entrypoint design. The network is protected from Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks ensuring continuous operation and resilience. The shared mempool was developed collaboratively with engineering teams from Candide, ERC-4337, Etherspot, Silus and Alchemy.

How does ERC-4337 achieve that?โ€‹

The lack of proper measures can lead to various attacks, denial of service vectors, and potential network failure. To create a robust solution, ERC-4337 is designed to separate validation from execution, limits the amount of work required for validation, and prevents certain environment opcodes during validation. Additionally, restrictions are placed on storage access and transactions to prevent mass invalidations and mutually exclusive transactions. These measures aim to maintain decentralization and prevent potential attacks on the network. A separate standard, ERC-7562 describes the rules imposed on the validation context of Account Abstraction transactions.

Getting Startedโ€‹

Candide is proud to release its first p2p implementation for Voltaire, marking a significant milestone into its operation in the permissionless mempool. With the introduction of the p2p implementation, Voltaire's codebase is now both in Python & Rust. UserOperations propagated to the mempool are routed not only solely to Voltaire but are also distributed to participating Bundlers that have completed the p2p implementation as of today: Etherspot's Skandha and Silus.

Smart Account Developers eager to get early access can simply fill out the form specifying their desired network for support.

If you are building on account abstraction, reach out on twitter, discord or come say hello at