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Intro to Candide Atelier

Create, customize and offer smart wallets for your users

What is Candide Atelier?

Candide Atelier is a set of tools that lets you build smart wallets powered by ERC-4337 Account Abstraction

  • AbstractionKit: A Typescript library to build and send UserOperations, with first class support for Safe Accounts.
  • Bundler: ERC-4337 nodes on all EVM compatible chains to send UserOperations
  • Paymaster: Off-chain verification API facilitating gas sponsorship

Benefits of smart wallets

  • Account Security: Use different authentication methods to support easy login and recovery features
  • Gas Fee Abstraction: Completely abstract away gas from your users, or let them pay fees in different currencies other than the native.
  • One-click Interfaces: Batch transactions or send multiple transactions automatically in a single transaction

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Because each account is a smart contract, contracts are programmable and enable arbitrarily advanced transaction functionalities. Unlike EOAs (MetaMask-style wallets), which are limited by design.

Chains supported

Candide Atelier is available on all major EVM equivalent networks. If you would like to see a network supported, reach out to us.

EthereumArbitrumOptimismPolygonPolygon zkEVMBaseCeloAvalancheBnB ChainArbitrum Nova

Getting Started